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Birthdate:Oct 20
First of all , nice to meet you guys .. My name is Pollyanna, but I prefer Polly ..

Pollyanna always remembers the reprimands from my mother when I was a precocious teenager and currently the voice of my husband when he gives the credit card bill!

I’m Brazilian, I don’t live in a beautiful place with wonderful beach but I live at town right in the heart of Brazil, exactly in the middle of the country. It’s a beautiful place called Goiânia and unfortunately got famous for being the site of a radioactive accident that happened in 1987. My city is very close of Brasília, the capital of Brasil.

I’m 37 years old (my birthday is in October), I’ve been married for 20 years (yes I married very young, I wasn’t pregnant or anything. As I said, I was always “precocious”! *Laughs*), I have two kids (my son is 15 and my daughter is 8), I’m a physiotherapist, but now I’m not working on it, I gave myself a much needed break. But in 2011 I’ll be back at the road!

I’m a person completely head over heels with Jensen Ackles​,I think Jared is a beautiful person, but my heart is almost entirely taken by Jensen …

I hate lies, hypocrisy and injustice. And I have one major “flaw”: I usually don’t filter much what I say. When I come to my senses - my mouth has already done the damage, going faster than my brain and then things can get really messy … But this is something I’m trying to change .. I’m trying it, because often too much sincerity creates more discomfort and often I end up losing people who I really love.

But please, don’t panic guys!!! I swear I’m cool! LOL! I just consider myself a ‘Dean Winchester​ in skirts’ … And when I was little girl my mother told me that I would become a “cowboy” or a foul-mouthed sailor! She was always freaked out with me! LOL!

I love writing (I write fics about Supernatural’s fandom in Portuguese), cooking, watching movies, hanging out with my family and travel … I want to be rich just to be traveling around the world with my family and my friends..

I also love meeting interesting people … As time goes by we will know more .. It’s really a pleasure to have you on my place!!

And don’t forget: please, be polite!!

Brazilian hugs gang!
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